o●n U.S. dollars over○ the next four yea■rs.Guo Ping express■ed his belief t◆hat Huawei can bring〓 more advance●d technologies ■to the United St■ates and help it● build t

he best 5G n●etworks."H◆uawei is wil○ling

es from industry s◆ources

to addres○s the U.S. Gov

e◆rnment's security ●concerns. Lifting ■the NDAA ban ●will give

the U.S●. Government the fl●exibility i■t needs to work○ with Huawei an〓d solve real○ security issu●es," Guo added.Pleas〓e scan the■ QR Code to fol◆low us on I〓nstagramPleas■e scan the QR Code〓 to follow u◆s on WechatHu■awei launches● foldable 5G 〓smartphone Mate XHua●wei launches foldabl■e 5G smartpho◆ne Mate XHuawe●i launches foldab○le 5G smar●tphone Mate X02-2◆5-2019 10:◆47 BJTBARCELO○NA, Spain, 〓Feb. 24 -- Chinese◆ tech company Hua■wei on Sunday ○its their Mate X, 〓a foldable 5G read○y smartphone, at a■n event attend■ed by around 3,〓000 people■ held on t◆he eve of the 〓2019 Mobile World◆ Congress (MWC2019◆) which opens here● on Monday.The Mate○ X has a 6.6-in●ch screen,

which c●an be opened● out into ●an eight-inch OL○ED screen to a○llow the user ■to read or v●iew videos●."The Huawei Mate X◆ i

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has○ a Balong 5000 pr◆ocessor, 8● GB of RAM and ●512 GB int〓ernal memory, which● Yu commented woul●d make it the "refer●ence point for th◆e 5G smartphones ○still to com〓e".Other points?/p>

at least● 20 billi

?in favor of H〓uawei's new smartp●hone are its lightn◆ess and the ●fact that ev◆en when folded ■it is only 11 mil●limeters thic〓k.Meanw

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